A Good Thing takes approved pieces on consignment for a period of 90 days. Consignors who bring in their items will receive 60% of the sale prices; those who want their items picked up will receive 50%. Note, there is a pick-up fee deducted from the sale price for those items that are picked up. 

A Good Thing will set the price based on the style, quality and original sale price. We do ask to trust us on our expertise in this area with our 20 years of experience. Items are discounted at 10% every 30 days until the item is sold or the contract expires.  If you have any questions, feel free to call at (270) 753-2733.

We only take pieces that we truly believe we can sell, that are in good shape and are a style that is still current. Clean-up or maintenance fees will be applied based on our discretion. Accessories valued under $10 will not be accepted. A Good Thing does not buy pieces - consignment only. 

Appraisal services are available by appointment only for a hourly fee; contact us at (270) 753-2733 to check for availability.